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Habitat for Humanity's Veterans Build program

Habitat for Humanity's Veterans Build is a national initiative aimed at providing homeownership, volunteer engagement, and employment opportunities to U.S. veterans, military service members and their families. Here’s a listing of the Habitat for Humanity affiliates that offer Veterans Build programs.

Repair Corp:
The Home Depot Foundation has generously funded critical repairs on the homes of veterans through Habitat for Humanity's Repair Corps Program since 2011. This program is open to all military veterans, provided they have received an honorable or general discharge, and it is not restricted to any specific veteran groups. While the primary focus of the program is on critical home repairs for veterans, the foundation has expressed their readiness to fund standard repairs on the homes of qualified veterans provided homes with critical needs take precedence.

We have Repair Corps Habitat for Humanity affiliates across the United States participating in the Repair Corps initiative; we would like to provide you a link that gives an overview of the program and provide a list of participating affiliates. Habitat for Humanity Repair Corps.

To find Local Affiliates, Volunteer Opportunities and, Events near you please visit: Habitat affiliates near you. For more information, visit -


USA Cares

Basic Needs program offers service members who need assistance with an unexpected car repair or higher than usual utility bill. It is not unusual for a National Guardsman or Reservist to take a significant loss of income when being called to active duty. Additionally, some return home from their tour and must face the daunting task of finding a new job and still have bills to pay. The program ensures that the basic needs of the family are met until they are able to provide for themselves. Funding from the program provides assistance in critical areas such as utilities, auto payments, insurance, auto repair and food.
USA Cares' Housing Assistance program has saved 1,200 military families from facing either foreclosure or eviction from their homes. The program became a reality after support for USA Cares came from the Homeownership Preservation Foundation in 2005. USA Cares also has strong relationships with Fannie Mae for their housing assistance program. For more information, visit -


VA Loan Captain, Inc. (VALC) is 100% veteran owned corporation registered in the state of New Jersey as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). We educate veterans of their VA Home Loan entitlements and help service members secure a competitive interest rate with our affiliate lenders. For more information, visit -

American Legion

The American Legion offers a number of programs and activities that strengthen its commitment to our local communities and the people we serve," said Clarence Hill, national commander of The American Legion. "We are pleased with the opportunity to team with VeteransPlus in providing financial education and coaching to current and future members of our Legion family. Thousands of veterans face financial challenges, especially those with loved ones deployed in harm's way," Hill said. For more information, visit -


A 47 year old full service nonprofit coaching agency, has formed a dedicated military coaching unit comprised of employees who are certified credit and housing counselors and have also served honorably in the US military. This coaching team is complemented by veteran employees in customer service and education. These counselors have personal experience with unique situations that cause financial strain for military personnel and their families, before, during and after their tour of duty. For more information, visit -

Our Forgotten Warriors

The overall mission of OFW is to aid our warriors so that they may participate within their communities equally. We seek to bring about positive results in leadership by finding placement for qualified warriors in responsible and responsive leadership roles. We strive to promote positive public perception of our wounded warriors. These goals will be accomplished by an increased availability to personal assistance services, funding to retrofit houses to make them handicapped accessible and offering equal educational opportunities. Access to information, technology and transit services will also be offered. For more information, visit -

DoD Yellow Ribbon Program

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is a DoD-wide effort to promote the well-being of National Guard and Reserve members, their families and communities, by connecting them with resources throughout the deployment cycle. Through Yellow Ribbon events, service members and loved ones connect with local resources before, during, and after deployments. Reintegration during post-deployment is a critical time for members of the Guard and Reserve, as they often live far from military installations and members of their units. Commanders and leaders play a critical role in assuring that Reserve service members and their families attend Yellow Ribbon events where they can access information on health care, education/training opportunities, financial, and legal benefits. For more information, visit -

Final Salute Inc.

The mission of Final Salute Inc. is to provide homeless female Veterans with safe and suitable housing. The H.O.M.E Program provides transitional housing and subsidy assistance to homeless female Veterans and their eligible children. The H.O.M.E Program focuses on integrating Veterans back into their local communities and providing vast residential areas to choose from. Our H.O.M.E Program is a collaboration with our resource partners that includes job placement, job training, financial planning, education assistance, and coaching. The purpose of our S.A.F.E Program is to prevent homelessness by easing financial hardships. S.A.F.E is open to all female Veterans and U.S. military reserve component service members via an interest free loan. For more information, visit -

Freedom Is Not Free

Was established in 2005 to address the unique needs of the military community across the country. Freedom Is Not Free has distributed over $1 million in direct assistance to combat wounded veterans and their families, and the families of the fallen in 37 states. Grants are typically given to cover living expenses during the transition back to civilian life, often while the veteran is focusing on recovery, rehabilitation, and vocational training. Freedom Is Not Free has also renovated recovery infrastructure in the Southern California area, including the family lounges at the Balboa Naval Medical Center, and a Concussion Clinic on Camp Pendleton. Additionally, Freedom Is Not Free hosts numerous programs in the San Diego, California area to benefit the families of wounded or deployed soldiers. For more information, visit -

Blue Star Families

The Blue Star Families mission is to support, empower and connect military families to each other, their communities and to people in power. We work directly with DoD, Senate, Congress and the White House to bring military families´most important issues to light. Blue Star Families also works with other nonprofits and community advocates to develop and offer innovative programs that truly help military families - from children´s literacy and entertainment initiatives to programs that help communicate the public´s often unexpressed appreciation for everything military families do every day. For more information, visit -

Our Heroes' Journey

Our Heroes Journey's assistance program "Adopt a Hero" focuses on our military families and servicemembers who may need help with groceries, gas cards, diapers and other daily necessities. Currently, Our Heroes Journey has adopted nearly 500 Marines and 1200 children from Camp Pendleton Marines Corps base in Oceanside, CA as part of this dynamic program. For more information, visit -

Soldiers' Angels

is the nation's largest all-volunteer military support organization providing aid and comfort to our deployed soldiers and their families. Soldiers' Angels responds quickly to requests for support and provides individualized, immediate assistance. It is a one-on-one, get it done quickly organization. Our volunteer Angels at home "adopt" individual soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and stay in touch through their deployment. Wounded soldiers and their families are asked what they need, and Soldiers' Angels responds in a hundred different ways: voice-activated computers, financial assistance for families to stay with their loved ones, phone cards to call relatives who can't visit as often as they wish. Soldiers' Angels is dedicated to touching the lives of all 1.5 million service men and women deployed in the War on Terror. The mission will be achieved by our many volunteers and generous financial supporters, on behalf of the grateful citizens of the United States of America. For more information, visit -

Rebuild Hope

Through Rebuild Hope Americans help these Veterans and their families overcome short term financial problems and build healthier and more stable lives. Rebuild Hope provides small monthly grants and no-interest loans, helps Veterans develop realistic budgets, and offers complementary coaching and referral services. Donors can view veteran profiles on the Rebuild Hope website and easily make donor-advised gifts, knowing that 100% will be distributed to deserving families. For more information, visit -

Embracing Wounded Florida's Heroes

A non-partisan organization, provides direct support to Florida´s military Veterans who have been severely wounded and disabled in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its overarching aim is to embrace these American Heroes and their families throughout their recovery and their return home as they rebuild their lives and endure associated challenges from their disabilities. For more information, visit -

The California Dept of Veteran Affairs

CDVA offers a wide range of assistance and benefits to California Veterans and their families with a vision to insure that California Veterans will live the highest quality of life with dignity and honor. Serving Veterans from all branches of the military, CDVA's areas of service include; Housing for Veterans; Long term care for Veterans; and advocacy services for Veterans. For more information, visit -


"The financial assessments and the availability of financial coaching from VeteransPlus add significant value to mission of our Organization."

Blue Star Families

"VeteransPlus has been a critical partner with USA Cares, providing the necessary budgetary coaching our military families need."

USA Cares

"Financial coaching provided by VeteransPlus enhances the processes provide by partner organizations."

Freedom is Not Free

"Partnering with VeteransPlus helps ensure our money is going to the people who need it most."

PenFed Foundation

"Achieving financial independence is a significant part of the process in regaining independent productive lives and VeteransPlus helps do that."

Final Salute