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The Problem

In an age when many veterans and active military personnel are worried about their financial futures, VeteransPlus feels that financial literacy can solve many problems. All too often our military members arrive back home in debt; struggle to find employment and some feel forced to turn to short-term high interest loans to pay their bills with loans made by predatory lenders.

Financial literacy is desperately needed. Too many military personnel lack the knowledge on how to handle their personal finances. This can lead to financial problems and debt since for many of them; it's the first time they have made their own financial decisions. It is especially critical to arm our heroes with financial literacy training as many have come home from multiple combat tours and suffer from a variety of medical problems, including: PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). These injuries, combined with a weak economy and record unemployment can make a secure adjustment to civilian life unattainable without assistance.

The Solution

Just as our military secures our nation's freedoms, VeteransPlus is here to help them secure financial freedom through education, coaching and financial literacy programs. From presentations at outreach events to in-depth personalized financial coaching by phone, our team of Veteran educators and counselors have a proven record of "Helping Heroes Afford Life".

Our Mission

VeteransPlus is a financial literacy organization devoted to improve the quality of life of those who have worn our nation's uniform, and their families by providing unparalleled solutions that focus on financial security and support in pursuing their economic goals. More than creating financial solutions, we add the unique capability of enabling non-profit partners to demonstrate their commitment and concern for America's Veterans through financial education and coaching.


"The financial assessments and the availability of financial coaching from VeteransPlus add significant value to mission of our Organization."

"VeteransPlus has been a critical partner with USA Cares, providing the necessary budgetary coaching our military families need."

"Financial coaching provided by VeteransPlus enhances the processes provide by partner organizations."

"Partnering with VeteransPlus helps ensure our money is going to the people who need it most."

"Achieving financial independence is a significant part of the process in regaining independent productive lives and VeteransPlus helps do that."

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