About VeteransPlus 

VeteransPlus programs were designed by Veterans and are delivered by Veterans to provide practical financial solutions geared to real life circumstances of current and former military personnel.

Our counselors and educators have been where you are and they are dedicated to your success. In the often confusing atmosphere of stressful financial situations, our Veteran counselors can help break down communication barriers that might exist when Veterans discuss personnel finances with non Veterans. Upon request, VeteransPlus will substitute spouses and/or family of Veterans to support all situations. All counselors possess the necessary empathy to discuss real life experience with other Veteran and family members from their shared perspective.

Our Programs

The need for Coaching has never been greater:

Military families are in debt

Military families are in debt to credit card issuers, with over one in four respondents reporting more than $10,000 in credit card debt.

One in four service members overdrawing

One in four service members with checking accounts reported overdrawing their accounts, which typically incurs significant fees.

21% of sevice members used high-cost loans

More than one in five (21 percent) service members used high-cost, non-bank borrowing such as payday or auto title loans in the last five years.

minimum payment is being made

Over half of enlisted personnel and junior non-commissioned officers reported that in some months, they made only the minimum payment on their credit cards.

3 paychecks away of filing bankruptcy

Only 50 percent of military respondents have a "rainy day" fund for unanticipated financial emergencies.